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Manage Your Payroll, Time & Attendance, Benefits, and Engagement in One Platform


For over fifty years, we've helped businesses across the country simplify their payroll and meet compliance standards. We started as a small payroll company in Chicago and to this day maintain the personal approach we've always been known for.

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Is your payroll provider just that? Providing payroll services? It's time to find a partner.


Why invest resources in a generic payroll solution that doesn't align with your business?

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Time is Money!

Are lengthy wait times and an endless cycle of call center transfers your experience when seeking assistance?

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What Makes Your Company Unique?

Are you tired of repeatedly explaining your company's intricacies every time you require support?

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What's the right solution for YOU?

Is adapting your time-off plans, earnings structure, and time tracking methods to fit your payroll provider's constraints becoming a burden rather than a convenience for your organization?

The Proposition

What is the value of doing business with us?

Now that you've told the user what may happen if they don't buy, it's time to tell them what will happen if they do. The bullets in this section should directly answer the pain points in The Stakes section. Establish your organization as an advisor and build trust.

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Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

Wherever you are, whatever the time, and with any device, you will always be connected.


Employee Self Service

Employees connect, you empower them, and they become engaged, with flexibility and ease of use.

Time Tracking

Collect & Track Time

Time data can be collected and tracked anywhere, at any time and anyway you like.


Track Your People

Know where your people are at any time, at any job and be alerted when you want.


Employee On-Boarding

Start your new employees off with an experience that demonstrates they chose the right company.

Mobile Access

Mobile Access

Access your data, pay information, punch-in and punch-out and submit receipts by engaging your staff with total mobility.

There is another way! You could use a Lift.

With Lift HCM, we provide a customized payroll solution incorporating state-of-the-art technology designed specifically for your organization. Our approach revolves around tailoring the system to your needs. Moreover, we boast a dedicated support team that combines expertise with unwavering commitment, all of whom are assigned to cater to your account.

The 3 Step Plan

Taking Human Resources to New Heights


Lift takes your business to the Next Level.


Rethink Your Approach.



Our tailored payroll solution ensures that your unique requirements are at the forefront. We understand that your business in NOT one-size-fits-all, and our commitment is to provide you with a seamless experience, supported by a knowledgeable team dedicated to understanding and meeting your needs.

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Individualized Service


Direct access to a dedicated client experience representative (CXR).

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Fully Customizable Solution


Leverage a suite of services designed for your organization's needs.

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Compliance is KEY


Enjoy peace of mind in knowing all payroll-related activities comply with relevant laws and regulations.


The Proof